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Dr. Daniel Scott Lea

Founder & Director


Following work and study in London, Daniel spent a decade teaching, lecturing and counseling on Business and Economics concerns throughout Spain and in Latin America, Daniel then spent the following 15 years managing and mobilizing large teams in support of U.S. embassy and host Government security objectives in both Colombia and Afghanistan as a regional director.  Keeping team cohesion and synergy with austere and dangerous environments has been a mainstay of Daniels experience over these decades.


In addition to a BBA, MA and MSc, Daniel is also finalizing his Doctorate in Leadership Studies, after four years under a D(Min) program.  Daniel's seminal thesis work and published work on leadership typologies and Enneagram correlation in transformational leadership,are also nearing completion.  Daniel is based in the DC area, but he spends time throughout the U.S. and Europe.   In addition to the above Daniel is fully certified under the IFC, FCA, Amena, Intelligent 9 institute, and Institute of healthcare professionals as a professional coach, professional councilor, and a master enneagram teacher.  His is also a PMP certified professional, with leadership and HR specializations.   

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